My birthday!


Guess what? This Sunday is my birthday! I am having a slumber party with 4 of my friends. Oh and by the way, the party is a kitten themed party.

And are there gift bags? Yes! There are gift bags. What is in them? Well you get a plush kitten! They are black and we are going to make collars for them. It will be so fun.

Although I am thinking I am 8 and I will never be 8 again and next year I will be 10, in my double digits and I will never be 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 or 9 again. I will be 9 this year and next year I will be 10- no longer a single number. So starting tomorrow I will make my last days of being 8 count. And my whole year being 9 count.

I am excited for my birthday yet I am also kinda sad that next year I will be a double-digit 10. The only time I will be 9 again is when I am 19 which is not 9 it is 19!!!

And well I am going to be 9 on Sunday and there is nothing i can do about it, but I am getting older and I know that everybody gets older every year. Their birthday is once every year and my birthday is on Sunday.

I am going to be 9 and I am happy about it.



My family


Hi I am Hala and this is my family. My brother is 11 and is named Jack. He is funny, likes to play with me, and is the  best brother ever. My dad is named Aaron. My dad is an amazing dad. He is at work all day but when he is home I know that we are both very happy that he is home. My mom Erin is a great mom all though some times it is very hard for me because she has lupus. And last but not least is my dog Nicky. He is a rescue mutt. A playful little dog and 4 years old. Well that’s my family. My brother, my mom, my dad, my dog, and me.

Our life- caught perfectly by @undomesticdiva



Hello my name is Hala aka Princess of Spain, my Mom is Queen of Spain, and my brother is Prince of Spain.

One thing I have always loved is animals and the one animal I love most is kittens. They are cute, fluffy, and just a little too adorable. I also take horse back riding lessons and well horses, kittens, and well all animals are my thing.

I also like to play video games on the xbox, my iPad 2, my phone, my lap top, and well pretty much anything.

What’s my favorite video game? That is a game I play called Animal Jam where you can be an animal, a bird, a tiger, a wolf, a panda, a deer, a lot of animals you can play games. Decorate your den, dress up your animal, and do a lot of fun stuff.

And well there it is my first blog, my favorite video game, my favorite animals, and well me.