Hello my name is Hala aka Princess of Spain, my Mom is Queen of Spain, and my brother is Prince of Spain.

One thing I have always loved is animals and the one animal I love most is kittens. They are cute, fluffy, and just a little too adorable. I also take horse back riding lessons and well horses, kittens, and well all animals are my thing.

I also like to play video games on the xbox, my iPad 2, my phone, my lap top, and well pretty much anything.

What’s my favorite video game? That is a game I play called Animal Jam where you can be an animal, a bird, a tiger, a wolf, a panda, a deer, a lot of animals you can play games. Decorate your den, dress up your animal, and do a lot of fun stuff.

And well there it is my first blog, my favorite video game, my favorite animals, and well me.


4 thoughts on “Me

  1. katemadethat

    Hi Hala – I’ve been reading your mom’s blog for a long time so it’s pretty cool to read yours.

    I love kittens, too! I also used to take horseback riding lessons when I was your age.

    Good luck with your blog, kiddo!

  2. Hi Hala!
    Your Mom and I have been friends for many years, and I even came to visit you once when you were little. I used to tell your Mom that your voice was so sweet like candy! It’s fun reading your blog. Great job!

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