My family


Hi I am Hala and this is my family. My brother is 11 and is named Jack. He is funny, likes to play with me, and is the  best brother ever. My dad is named Aaron. My dad is an amazing dad. He is at work all day but when he is home I know that we are both very happy that he is home. My mom Erin is a great mom all though some times it is very hard for me because she has lupus. And last but not least is my dog Nicky. He is a rescue mutt. A playful little dog and 4 years old. Well that’s my family. My brother, my mom, my dad, my dog, and me.

Our life- caught perfectly by @undomesticdiva


7 thoughts on “My family

  1. Erin

    Thanks for introducing us to your family..that’s a great photo!

    It’s really cool that both your Mom and your Dad are named Erin/Aaron (I like it even more because that’s my name too..haha!) I bet people get them mixed up sometimes 🙂

    I’m sorry your mom has Lupus – that must be really hard for everyone in your family but you sound like you’re very brave as well as a great sister and daughter!

    Can’t wait to read more from your awesome blog 🙂

  2. Miss Amy

    Hala, my name is Amy and I have Lupus, just like your mom. Another funny thing is that my husband is named Aaron too! Oh, and my son, Thomas is 8 (almost 9). We have a dog named Caesar. We have a lot in common! I am happy to be following your blog and learning about you and your life! Well done so far!

  3. Hi Hala, I enjoy reading your moms blog and love that you named your after hers. My mom also has lupus, so I know how hard (and scary) that can be sometimes. I am excited to read more of your posts! – Foxy

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