I like wearing cat onesies to school


I’m writing this with a friend. Oh boy. (We’re playing music and theres another ad how dare they)

This won’t be edited because I don’t careeeeeeeeee

So I haven’t been here since I was nine. Nine? Ten. Ten nine. I don’t know but chances are you’re here to see where I have been (I don’t know why you’re interested in that but..)

Time to put bullet points because I don’t feel like writing another thing.

-I’m eleven now and I’m proud

-I’m pretty gosh diddley darn gay. So gay. Gay middle schooler.

-Middle school. Sixth grade. Huzza ._.

-I have short hair (I mean pixie cut short), glasses, and some snazzy braces.

-I got some animals. My cat child, Tallulah, my brothers cat child, Dischord, and that one dog Nicky.

-I’m known as the kid who wrote 43 paragraphs instead of 5.


-I’m gonna let my dear friend pal buddy chum pal friendo pal Emily type down anything. Enjoy.

I was told to type anything so that’s exactly what I’m doing, cause that’s what I was told to do. I’m enjoying this but I can’t really think of anything to type so I’m really just typing anything that’s on my mind. Hala just left me. Now I only have Hamilton playing. I’m lonely. I saved every letter you wrote me, right from the moment I read them I knew you were mine, I don’t know this lineeeee. My friendo is back, Hstla is her name. Because reasons and stuff. Don’t kill me please. I have a life to live. I very much like my life, I think, last I checked.

This is exactly why I’m friends with Emily.

-I’m a Hufflepuff

-What is love?

-Baby don’t hurt me

-Don’t hurt me

-No more

-I’m gonna call my other friend see if he’s online

-He’s not I’m sad

I’M BACKKKKKKKK DID YOU MISS ME????? I’m sure you did, because I just type random things. Our friend isn’t online, We’re lonely. In cat onesies. The loneliness though. And the sadness. AHHHHHH She’e recording me!!!!!!!!! THIS IS NO FUN NOW. I DON’T LIKE IT. HOW DARE SHE TRY TO RECORD ME!!!!!!! I MAY HAS YOUTUBE BUT SHE MAY NOT RECORDESSSS MEEEE!!!!!!! Okay I’m better now. She left me. And didn’t record. NOOOOO. SHE’S RECORDING ME NOW. HOW DARE SHE.

Yes how dare I

I love you Emily don’t hurt me

She’s gonna type in her paws now, good luck, Emily.

And now I attempt to type with paws. This is really hard!!!!! WHY!!!!! The difficulty level is veery high. Hala should try this. I’m getting better at this!!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!! Coolios, I is the capable of typing with paws.

My turn.

Oh. Oh I see how it is. Oh gosh this is hard. WHAT. Nope nope I’m done.

Welcome me back I’m cool.


I’m the one with short hair and the leopard/cheetah onesie, Emily is the one with the gray onesie and long hair.

(Yes I got her permission for all of this muwahahah)


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